About NUnit

NUnit Project

NUnit is an open source unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. It has been the leading .NET test framework for many years. See the NUnit Project for more information.

About Me


I'm Charlie Poole. I've been a developer, coach and trainer for many years and was project leader of the NUnit Project from 2004 to 2017. After leaving that project in excellent hands, I'm now trying out new things to do. This site is one such thing. For more about me, see my website.

About NUnit Software


NUnit Software is a company name I use to provide training and coaching to software teams and to publish some software. The original versions of both NUnitLite and the NUnit Visual Studio adapter were published by NUnit Software before being contributed to the NUnit Project.

I'm currently using this site for support of legacy NUnit (2.x) and NUnitLite (1.0), which are no longer supported by the NUnit Project team. More may be added, depending on demand.

Recent News

NUnit 2.7.0 Release (8/10/2018)
Drops some obsolete components and adds a new package for use in writing runners that execute NUnit V2 tests. Release Notes. Download.

NUnit 2.6.7 Release (7/6/2018)
First release to allow producing a compatibility report for tests compiled against older versions of the NUnit framework. Release Notes. Download.

NUnit 2.6.6 Release (5/3/2018)
Follow-up release to 2.6.5, with Cake build script and a few small enhancements. Release Notes. Download.

NUnit 2.6.5 Release (4/19/2018)
This is the first release of NUnit V2 under the NUnit Legacy project. For details, see the Release Notes. Download here.

New NUnitSoftware Site!
The new site will focus on support of NUnit Legacy (V2) software. Initially, we have NUnit V2 downloads and documentation. More to come!