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What Is NUnit?

... an excellent example of idiomatic design. Most folks who port xUnit just transliterate the Smalltalk or Java version. That's what we did with NUnit at first, too. This new version is NUnit as it would have been done had it been done in C# to begin with. Kent Beck

NUnit is an open source unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. Initially ported from JUnit, it has been the leading .NET test framework for many years.

The open source NUnit Project is located at www.nunit.org

About NUnit Software

We are a private company owned by Charlie Poole, a long-time developer and project leader of the NUnit Project. NUnit Software provides training and coaching to sofware teams and produces both open source and commercial versions of software related to NUnit and testing in general.

Several NUnit programs, including NUnitLite and the NUnit Visual Studio adapter were originally published by NUnit Software before being contributed to the NUnit Project.

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